NMTCB CE Credits

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NMTCB CE Credits

NMTCB  CE Credits and Renewal 

The NMTCB is a premier certification board formed to create and maintain examinations for nuclear medicine technologists (NMTs). For certification and NMTCB renewal, the standards established include educational requirements, practical experience, and successful completion of an appropriate competency-based examination. The NMTCB certifies individuals who have developed the required body of knowledge to practice nuclear medicine technology and registers those individuals who meet these criteria. The work of the NMTCB is accomplished by technologists, scientists, and physicians.

The NMTCB credential is recognized in the nuclear medicine profession as the premier examination for nuclear medicine technologists. It is recognized by state licensure agencies throughout the United States, and it is recognized by employers as a valid, high-quality certification exam. It also allows the use of the professional credential “CNMT” to identify a certified nuclear medicine technologist.


All eligibility standards required to sit for the entry-level examination must be completed within 5 years immediately before the candidate’s application. A candidate must show documented evidence of having completed an NMTCB-recognized nuclear medicine technology program or completion of an accredited nuclear medicine technology program culminating in a Certificate, Associate, Baccalaureate, or Master’s degree. Educational programs must have structured clinical training sufficient to provide clinical competency in radiation safety, instrumentation, clinical procedures, and radiopharmacy.

In addition to academic eligibility, candidates will also need to answer 4 ethics questions. If you answer yes to any of these questions you have the option to complete a pre-application to find out if you are eligible to take the exam. 

Exam Scheduling 

After receipt of your application, the NMTCB will send you a confirmation email if you are eligible for the exam. You have 3 months to schedule and take the exam. After you schedule your exam, you must take your admission letter and valid ID to the test site. 


You have 1 hour and 55 minutes to complete the 90-question exam. The exam covers the following major areas and the percentage for each component. 

  • Radiation Physics and Detection – 7%
  • Radiation Safety and Regulations – 13%
  • Pharmaceutical and Radiopharmaceutical Agents – 25%
  • Instrument Operations and Quality Control – 15%
  • Clinical Procedures – 40%

Your preliminary test results of pass/fail are immediately available after the exam while you’re at the testing site. Your final score will be sent to you by mail within approximately 3 weeks.

NMTCB Continuing Education Requirements

NMTCB ensures an active CNMT’s continuing competence by requiring a recertification process that includes twenty-four CE credits over the course of every two years. Get Your CEU is an approved provider for NMTCB CE credits. Select NMTCB CE credits under courses on the homepage to review the available courses.

Refer to the NMTCB website to review detailed continuing education requirement information for CNMT, NMTCB(CT), NMAA, NCT, and PET. https://www.nmtcb.org/policies/contedPolicy.php#orgs

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  • $59.00
    picture of foot and hand
    • New Course!
    • 25.50 Category A Credits
    • Great for Radiology, CT, US and MRI Technologists
  • $59.00
    24 Category A Credits
  • $62.00
    picture of human heart
    • New Course!
    • 24 Category A Credits
    • Accepted for CCI and ARRT®
  • $59.00
    radiation symbol
    • 24 Category A Credits
    • Includes 4 Fluoroscopy Credits
  • $59.00
    picture of CT scanner
    • New Course!
    • 24 Category A Credits
  • $59.00
    x-ray equipment
    24 Category A Credits Includes 4 Digital Credits
  • $59.00
    picture of breast images
    • New Course! 
    • 24 Category A Credits 
    • Accepted for the MQSA and ARRT®
  • $44.00
    Manual of Diagnostic Ultrasound
    • 20.25 Category A Credits
    • Accepted for the ARDMS and ARRT®
  • $49.00
    Bone Desitometry for Technologists
    • 16 Category A Credits
    • Accepted for ISCD and ARRT® 
  • $29.00
    nuclear medicine radiation symbol
    • 6.0 Category A Credits
  • $19.00
    screening mammogram machine
    • 4.5 Category A Credits 
  • $19.00
    Items not allowed in a MR suite.
    4.50 Category A Credit
  • $21.00
    computer screen displaying x-ray images
    • 4.25 Category A Credits 
    • Meets CA's Digital Requirement
  • $20.00
    older man talking with his doctor
    4 Category A Credits
  • $20.00
    x-ray machine
    • 4 Category A Credits
    • Meets CA's Fluoro Requirement
  • $19.00
    nuclear radiation symbol
  • $14.00
    Radiation biology option
    • 3.50 Category A Credits
  • $10.00
    3D man with magnifying glass
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