ARRT Renewal CE Credits for Technologists

ARRT® renewal requires 24 ARRT CE credits every two years. Our courses are approved as category A or A+ by the AHRA or ASRT, which are designated by the ARRT® to issue this approval. All ARRT CE credits are also approved and accepted by the Florida Department of Health. We are also listed as a CE provider on several registries and state websites.

Our ARRT CE credits are accepted for the following ARRT® certifications: Radiography/X-Ray, MRI, QM, Computed Tomography, and Nuclear Medicine. Mammography, Densitometry, Radiation Therapy, Vascular IR, Cardiac IR, and Sonography. ARRT® does not have a mandatory requirement regarding the types of CE topics for any R.T.® post-primary path except Sonography (8 hours may be any topic, and 16 hours must be sonography specific). The ARRT® suggests a technologist take courses that apply to their ARRT® certification or primary job function, but this is not required. ARRT®s with licenses in Radiography/X-Ray, MRI, QM, CT, THR, NMT, BD, or IR may select any course from the catalog below.

We have courses to meet your ARRT® certification & state requirements for Certified Technologists and Limited X-ray Machine Operator LXMO permit. Many Limited X-Ray Permit holders have 12 hours of continuing education requirement. 

How do I renew my ARRT® license?

Technologists renew their license each year by logging into your account at ARRT®  and completing the renewal application.

Report the required 24 Continuing Education (CE) requirements completed every two years along with the renewal application.

How long does my ARRT® certification last?

Your ARRT® certification does not expire if you complete your annual renewal and submit the 24 required continuing education credits every two years during your renewal biennium.

How do I find my ARRT® ID number?

To find your ARRT® ID number log into your account on the ARRT® website. You will see your ARRT® ID number listed on the top right of the page. Your renewal information and CE due dates are listed in the middle of the page. Your ARRT® ID number is also listed on the card you received when you became certified and when you renew. 

How much is the ARRT® renewal fee?

ARRT® renewal fees are $30 for your first discipline and $15 for any additional disciplines.

How many CEUs do you need for a radiology tech?

As a registered RT, you are required to complete and report 24 credits’ worth of approved CE activities every two years. In the case of an R.R.A.® certification, it is 50 credits.

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