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CCI Credentialing Credits

CCI Credentialing Credits and Renewal

CCI is driven by professional ethics and integrity and is globally recognized as a high-quality provider of credentialing programs for cardiovascular professionals (nurses, allied health professionals, and technologists). CCI administers programs to demonstrate the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for various cardiovascular specialties.

The decision to earn a credential is an important step in one’s professional career. It demonstrates not only fundamental knowledge but also your dedication to your professional development. Healthcare professionals choose to certify for personal challenge and self-improvement, to improve salary and advancement opportunities, to demonstrate skills, knowledge, and abilities to patients and physicians, and to distinguish themselves through a commitment to lifelong learning and career growth.

Healthcare bodies and facilities value credentialed employees because it is a way to recruit and retain good healthcare practitioners and demonstrates that healthcare practitioners have met standard requirements, and there is growing evidence linking certification and positive outcomes.


To earn a CCI credential you must meet the following requirements: fulfill the minimum level of education, document the required clinical experience for the specialty, and submit an application including documentation of exam volume. 

CCI provides an Exam Qualification Tool for each specialty. Select your specialty to review the various available pathways. Select Your Specialty


Applications for CCI examinations will be completed online through the CCI website. To submit an application, an Online Profile must first be created or an existing profile used. Before starting the online submission, you may need the following information to complete the application:

  • Personal contact information
  • Educational/training program(s) contact information
  • Copy of non-expired government-issued photo identification (e.g., driver’s license, government-issued identification card, or passport photo page).
  • Supporting documents from your training program(s) in PDF format
  • Employer contact information
  • Supporting documentation from your employer(s) in PDF format
  • Payment information

Upon approval of the application, you will be notified, and a test center will be assigned. Tests are available only during specific times.


For each CCI examination, an overview is provided as a service of CCI to help candidates prepare for the examination. The overview for each examination includes the following:

  • An examination matrix to illustrate the general distribution of questions and the relative weight or emphasis given to a skill or content area on the examination.
  • A list that describes general areas of knowledge that are needed to perform the tasks identified.
  • A task list that describes the activities that a credentialed cardiovascular professional is expected to perform on the job. All examination questions are linked to these tasks.

Continuing Education

Continuing education is required to maintain credentials. Get Your CEU has multiple courses that meet the CCI requirements. Select the CCI tab under courses to review the list.

The total number of CEUs required in a triennial cycle for Registry-Level Registrants (ACS, RCES, RCIS, RCS, RCCS, RPhS, and RVS) is thirty-six (36) CEUs. Thirty (30) of these CEUs must be cardiovascular-related. The total number of CEUs required in a triennial cycle for Certificate-Level Registrants (CCT and CRAT) is sixteen (16) CEUs. Refer to CCI for additional information.

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  • $4.00
    coronary artery stenosis
    • .75 Category A Credit
  • $3.00
    coronary artery anatomy
    • .5 Category A Credit
  • $5.00
    human heart
    • 1 Category A Credit
  • $7.00
    cardiac procedure room
    • 1.5 Category A Credits
  • $9.00
    human heart
  • $9.50
    human heart
  • $3.50
    human heart
    • .50 Category A Credit
  • $6.00
    coronary artery anatomy
    • 1.25 Category A Credits
  • $7.00
    heart anatomy
    • 1.50 Category A Credits
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