X-ray CE Credits for Renewal

The ARRT® Requires 24 Continuing Education Credits every two years. Our x-ray CE credits are approved as category A and A+ by the ASRT or AHRA, which are recognized by the ARRT® to provide this oversight. CE Courses are also approved and accepted by the Florida Department of Health. Our courses are also accepted in Texas, California, Arkansas, Oregon, and all other states. Get Your CEU is also listed as a CE provider on several registries and state websites.
The ARRT® does not have a mandatory requirement for general radiology/x-ray technologists. The ARRT® suggests a technologist take courses that apply to their primary job function, but this is not required. You may select from the catalog below or from the courses listed under the ARRT® tab to submit to the ARRT®.

Get Your CEU has x-ray CE credits to meet your ARRT® & state requirements for Certified Technologists and Limited X-ray Machine Operator LXMO permit. Many Limited X-Ray Permit holders have 12 hours of continuing education requirement. 

How many CE credits do I need for radiology?

As a registered R.T. you are required to complete and report 24 credits’ of approved category A CE activities every two years. 

How do I submit my CE credits to ARRT?

Technologists report their CE credits by logging into your account at  www.ARRT.org  and completing the renewal application. The ARRT renewal application will guide you to insert your CE credit information that is located on your CE certificate.

Do CE credits expire?

The CE credit for successful completion of a course does not expire. The CE courses that you take to meet certification requirements for the ARRT and or state agencies must be taken during your biennium cycle. 

Does the ARRT accept AMA credits?

No, the ARRT does not accept AMA credits. 

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