Densitometry CE Credits

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Densitometry CE Credits

Bone Densitometry CE Credits

Our Densitometry CE credits are approved as category A by the ASRT, which is designated by the ARRT® to provide this approval. All courses are approved by the Florida Department of Health and accepted by the ARRT®, California, Texas, and all other states. Get Your CEU Densitometry CE credits are accepted by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry (ISCD).

Bone density and bone health are critical to overall health and an important modality within the Radiology field. To become certified in bone densitometry it is necessary to follow the Structured Education post-primary continuing education pathway. Structured Education is a vital component of certification and registration and its purpose is to help you master the Bone Densitometry knowledge you will need to obtain your credential.

When pursuing a credential using the post-primary pathway, you must complete 16 hours of structured education that:

• Reflects the Examination Content Specifications for Bone Densitometry

• Includes at least one credit from each of the document’s major content categories of patient care, image production, and DXA procedures

• You will need to complete your Structured Education requirements within 24 months before you submit your post-primary application.

After you finish each activity, you will log in to your ARRT® account and use the post-primary tool to document your structured education. The ARRT® reviews and approves submissions within two business days. Occasionally, additional time is necessary.

In addition to Structured Education CE credits the ARRT® has also outlined specific Clinical Experience Requirements. Candidates must document the performance of 125 mandatory procedures and 3 additional elective procedures. Procedures must be documented, verified, and submitted when complete via the online tool accessible through ARRT®. Completion of each procedure must be certified by a registered technologist, supervisor, or licensed physician. Clinical Experience Requirements.

In addition to required continuing education credits for the biennial renewal, after certification compliance with Continuing Qualification Requirement (CQR) is required. Continuing education hours will be assigned based on an individualized Structured Self Assessment. The CQR assigned hours for Bone Densitometry can also be applied to the required 24 biennial hours.



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  • $49.00
    Bone Desitometry for Technologists
    • 16 Category A Credits
    • Accepted for ISCD and ARRT® 
  • $59.00
    24 Category A Credits
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