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Image Quality for Digital Mammography

Image Quality for Digital Mammography


1.0 category A credits


Course Description

Mammography is currently considered to be the best tool for the early detection of breast cancer. Breast screening is only a benefit if it can detect breast cancer at an early stage. The quality of the breast images critically depends on the design and performance of the radiographic unit, the image receptor, and how that equipment is used to acquire and process the mammogram. The type of display and the conditions under which the image is viewed have an important effect on the ability of the radiologist to view the information recorded in the mammogram.  This chapter focuses on the quality control of digital mammography systems and the distinctions between computed radiography (CR) and flat panel detectors (DR).


Course Acceptance List

  • MQSA – Meets Requirements
  • Accepted for the ARRT®
  • NMTCB – Accepted for CNMT
  • California – Accepted, Includes 1.0 California Digital Requirement
  • Florida – Accepted Technical Category
  • Texas – Accepted Direct Category
  • All Other States – Accepted
  • ARDMS – Not Accepted


Course Expires 9/30/2025


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Image Quality for Digital Mammography

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