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Nuclear cardiology technologists (NCT) must consistently maintain NMTCB (CNMT) certification and/or R.T.(N) ARRT  credentials either as "active", "in compliance" or "in good standing." NCT must have 42 hours of acceptable NCT specific continuing education (the equivalent of 6 hours per year of certification) and no more than half of the specialty CE hours should be obtained in the 12 months prior to credential expiration.

Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist CNMT & NMTCB(CT) requires 24 CE credits related to their primary credential. For NMTCB(CT), 12 CE out of a total 24CE should be specific to CT. 

California Nuclear Medicine Scopes Include: 
(1) Diagnostic in vivo and in vitro tests involving measurement of uptake, dilution, or excretion, including venipuncture, but not involving imaging.
(2) Diagnostic nuclear medicine technology procedures involving imaging, including venipuncture.
(3) Use of generators and reagent kits for preparation of radioactive material.
(4) Internal radioactive material therapy.

Get Your CEU nuclear medicine courses list the number of credits for the specific California category on the acceptance list for each course. 





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