General Instructions

Our courses include links to reading material available in the form of an eBook, a printed book, or as a free PDF download.

You are also able to download a free practice test and mark your answers as you go through the reading material. When you are ready, you will need to purchase the online test, and submit it for grading.  You must score 75% or better to pass the course, and you have three attempts. After you pass you will be able to download and print your certificate. You should keep the certificate for your records in case you are audited by the ARRT®.

Your certificate is valid for 2 years and expires the last day of the month prior to the month you were born. When it is time to renew, we will send you a reminder 3 months prior to the expiration date. This will allow you time to complete a course and submit your credit hours on time.

We are available if you need any help, via an email to

How to Download a Kindle Book

Time Zone

Our server operates on Central Time. The time and date when you complete the course is the time and date when you submit your first successful attempt according to the server.

This is the time and date of record that is printed on your certificate. Unfortunately, this can not be changed. If this is important to you, please be mindful of time zone as well as daylight savings time in this regard especially on the last day of the month if your credits are due before the month is over.

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Some important information about the browser settings:

Our site uses HTML5 so that it will work on smartphones and tablets. Many older PC browsers such as internet explorer 9 and lower don’t support this well. These old browsers might have trouble with this website. Most of our pages require that Javascript is enabled. Some of our pages use pop-up windows, so make sure any pop-up killer allows these to be displayed. If you have read and followed the instructions on this page and still experience problems, please contact us.