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These are clearly the most uncertain times most of us have seen in our career and lifetime. As someone who worked for many years in patient care and then in leadership, I know how vital imaging professionals are in the care of all patients, but especially patients suffering from the coronavirus.

In the recent issue of Radiology Today the role of CT in the diagnosis of the virus is featured. The article details results from China and compares the accuracy of the swab tests to the accuracy of diagnosis by CT. The data is amazing. They found the sensitivity of CT to be 98% compared to the swab test sensitivity of 71%. This is critical information to identify the virus as early as possible. Patients with a negative swab and a positive CT were reclassified as positive resulting in quarantining the patients to slow the spread. You can read the entire article in Radiology Today, April 2020 edition.

In addition to the role of CT during this health pandemic, we know patients in the ICUs are followed by chest x-ray to evaluate both positive and negative developments in their condition. The process of taking a portable chest x-ray under strict isolation precautions is hard and made even harder due to the sheer number of patients needing this vital service.

Thank you for using your hard-earned knowledge to help others. Training in the field of radiology is hard, but well worth the effort. Many technologists go on to advanced imaging fields, such as CT, that are vital to the healing of all patients. We at Get Your CEU applaud you and wish you continued health as we fight the virus together.

As a thank you to everyone in this rewarding field we would like to offer you an additional discount on continuing education courses. Use the STAYSAFE coupon code for 10% off already reduced courses. We are all in this together and we want to do our part.

Stay safe and know you are valued as you go about your lifesaving work each day!

Cheryl Harrison R.T(R), (ARRT)®
President, Get Your CEU


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