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Utilizing MRI and CT in Diagnosing Diseases of the Brain and Spine

Utilizing MRI and CT in Diagnosing Diseases of the Brain and Spine
  •  $59
  • 25 Category A Credits 
  • Free eBook
  • Book Option Available
  • For ARRT® and ARMRIT


Course Description

This course offers essential information on the importance of MRI and CT in brain and spine imaging. Learn about the considerable advances in both of these modalities over the last few years, driven by both clinical and technological developments. Expand your knowledge of the disease pathology of the brain and spine and how to optimize MRI and CT techniques to optimize image quality. The course also includes a synopsis of pediatric imaging.

Course Acceptance List

  • ARMRIT Accepted
  • Accepted for the ARRT®: X-ray, CT, MRI, Mammography, NM, QM, Densitometry, Radiation Therapy, Cardiac/Vascular IR, Ultrasound (For ultrasound only 8 hours would apply, other 16 hours must be ultrasound specific.)
  • NMTCB - Accepted for CNMT
  • CCI – Accepted (Certificate level - 16 CE credits are accepted; Registry level - 6 CE credits are accepted)
  • Texas – Accepted - Direct
  • Florida - Accepted, Technical
  • California - Accepted 
  • All Other States - Accepted


      Course Expires 12/21/2023


1 Utilizing MRI and CT in Diagnosing Diseases of the Brain and Spine

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Student reviews

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    This is the best course I have taken in a long time. I will use this site from now on. Great price and the website is very easy to understand. Thank You!!

  2. A

    Love the book and the course! Very recent information and the price was great. Love the website! So easy, I will absolutely use this site again.

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    Excellent course. So fascinating and fun to learn, great course. I will definitely be using this site for future CEUs.

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    I really learned a lot from this course. I was quite pleased with the content and the price!!

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    Great course, very informative and easily understood. Loved the format and the price was right. This will absolutely be my preferred site for CEU.

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    Great course. Definately geared towards technologist. Easy process to compete test with instant certificate.

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